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Rejuvenating Waxing Donuts
Rejuvenating Waxing Donuts

Rejuvenating Waxing Donuts

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Donuts almost as good as the real deal! Use these little waxing donuts to rejuvenate your tired Beeswax Food Wraps.


5 x Waxing Donuts in Glass Jar


Oh Beehive's special recipe of 100% Beeswax, Pine Resin, and Jojoba Oil


To be used with the more popular processes of homemade Beeswax Wraps such as the ironing method or the oven method. Detailed instructions will be emailed to you once purchased.

Not sure how many you'll need?

Some examples:
- Use 3 donuts to fully wax a brand new Medium Beeswax Wrap
- Use 2 donuts to rejuvenate a tired Medium Beeswax Wrap
- Use 1 donut and grate it (with a cheese grater) onto some tired spots on any Beeswax Wrap that needs some love

*paint brush, clothes pins and pine resin pieces not included (available upon request)