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Surface Disinfectant | PURE

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DESCRIPTION | What Surface Disinfectant spreads? Peace of mind. Knowing that any non-porous surface in your home can be easily sanitized. Do you also have little mouths or little snouts that tend to stick on things that aren't made for them? Now you can rest easy with that. Disinfectant ingredients are safe for everyone.

If it's super dirty, we clean first, then we disinfect. And bam: Zen state of mind in a pouiche .  



HOW TO USEEcological and ultra-effective DISINFECTANT . Safe for floors, walls, woodwork or any water washable surface. Can be used in hospitals, schools, buildings, offices, hotels, factories, toilets and shower rooms.

Spray on the surface and leave to act for at least 1 minute. Rinse and dry with a clean, damp cloth. All surfaces in contact with food should be rinsed well with potable water. For porous surfaces (ex: Stone counter), it is recommended to spray the product directly on the linen and not to let it rest.


INGREDIENTSWe are transparent, just like our containers. We display a full list of all of our ingredients on our labels because we take pride in the effectiveness of our products and the ingredients we use to achieve them.

  • AquaWater
  • Hydrogen peroxideLiquid sanitizer
  • Laureth-7Plant-based cleaning agent
  • Dodecylbenzene sulfonic acidSynthetic and biodegradable cleaning agent
  • Propylene glycolPlant-based wetting agent
  • Potassium sulphate Mineral pH adjuster